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Can’t make it to a show? Buy my albums online and I’ll ship ‘em right to your doorstep. (click on album of choice below)

NOTE: We’re Not Lost available as of August 27th, 2010.

We're Not Lost Reverie

You can also purchase my music on itunes (if you do, rate it! your feedback will put me on the itunes radar)


Buy them at a show for a measly $3 OR online right HERE and get a free song download with your order.

We're Not Lost Buttons-02We're Not Lost Buttons-09 (2)We're Not Lost Buttons-08We're Not Lost Buttons-07We're Not Lost Buttons-06We're Not Lost Buttons-05We're Not Lost Buttons-04We're Not Lost Buttons-03


Buy them at a show for $25 OR online and get a free album download of your choice (designs below).

Click here to buy a T-shirt (with free We’re Not Lost. album download)

Click here to buy a T-shirt (with free Reverie download)


let's get (bandcamp) andreagauster (bandcamp) ag (bandcamp)


Let's Get men's (bandcamp) andreagauster men's (bandcamp)